Anyone can nominate an individual or group in any category.

  • The International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Honor Swimmer
  • Contributors to the sport of Marathon Swimming as an Administrator, Official, Coach, Inspirational, Special Needs, Pilot, Water Safety, Organizer, Support Personnel, Clubs, Organizations, etc. etc.
  • The Irving Davids/Captain Roger W. Wheeler Memorial Award

A completed IMSHOF nomination form is required and it must accompany a completed marathon swimming biography of the candidate. The biography should outline the nominee’s marathon swimming career highlighting the reasons why this person should be inducted into the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame.

 Nomination Procedures

  1. Complete a candidate nomination form.
  2. Complete a candidate swimming biography. The nominee’s biography should include the candidate’s marathon swimming history and clearly outline why the candidate should be inducted into the IMSHOF.
  3. Get the official nomination form here.

IMSHOF download formOFFICIAL International-Marathon-Swimming-Hall-of-Fame-Nominations

Deadlines, Voting, and Announcements

  1. Nominations close with the election Chairman on September 15th of each year’s ballot.
  2. Nominations received after that date will go into the following year’s ballot.
  3. The ballot goes to the board in mid-October for their votes.
  4. The ballot closes in mid-November.
  5. The results of the ballot are then released as soon as practical.