Olympics 10k

This event was added in 2008.  Qualification was difficult as only a limited number of swimmers per county and overall could take place.  Many other Honorees (including some below) also competed in Olympic pool swimming and water polo - they are not listed below.

Damián Blaum:  2008 Beijing, 21st

Ana Marcela Cunha:  2008 Beijing, 5th; 2016 Rio, 10th and 2021 Tokyo, Gold


Edith van Dijk:  2008 Beijing, 14th

Spiros Gianniotis:  2008 Beijing, 16th; 2012 London, 4th and 2016 Rio, 2nd (2nd oldest aquatics medalist as of 1-2021)

Martina Grimaldi:  2008 Beijing, 10th and 2012 London, 3rd

Larisa Dmitriyevna Ilchenko:  2008 Beijing, 1st

Yuri Kudinov:  2012 London, 22nd (for Kazakhstan)

Thomas Lurz:  2008 Beijing, 3rd and 2012 London, 2nd (8th oldest aquatics medalist as of 1-2021)

Angela Maurer: 2008 Beijing, 4th and 2012 London, 5th

Poliana Okimoto:  2008 Beijing, 7th; 2012 London, DNF and 2016 Rio, 3rd (5th oldest aquatics medalist as of 1-2021)

Éva Risztov:  2012 London, 1st and 2016 Rio, 13th

Petar Stoychev: 2008 Beijing, 6th and 2012 London, 9th

Maarten van der Weijden:  2008 Beijing, 1st