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English Channel

Completion of the swim between England and France, non-wetsuit and not listing multiple times or different directions. 1st swims are listed plus those which broke a speed record for a specified swim. The codes help understand directions: “crossing" means either direction; E>F means England to France; records also look at 2-4 way segments and “overall” means the fastest of all men and women (women did hold overall speed records) - see xls

Antonio Abertondo: 1st 2 way (overall)

Abdellatief Abou Heif: Record E>F (overall)

Nick Adams

Jacques Amyot

Greta Andersen: Record crossing (woman), Record E>F (woman)

Antonio Argüelles Díaz-González

Paul Asmuth: Record crossing (man)

Ersin Aydin

David Barra

Marilyn Bell

Cameron Bellamy

Tina Bischoff: Record crossing (overall)

Colleen Blair, MBE

Dr. Caroline Block

Tom Blower: Record E>F (overall)

Dr. Julie Bradshaw, MBE

Tamara Bruce

Tom Burgess

Karen Burton Reeder

Alfredo Camarero

Florence Chadwick: 1st (woman) – E>F, Record crossing (woman),Record E>F (woman) three times


Kimberley Chambers

David Stevens Clark

Anne Cleveland

Marcia Cleveland

Robert Cossette:  see note 1 below

Dr. James “Doc” Counsilman

Baron Abílio Couto: Record E>F (overall)

Lynne Cox: Record crossing (woman) twice, Record E>F (overall) twice

Julian Critchlow

Brojen Das: Record F>E (overall), see note 2 below

Penny Lee Dean, EdD: Record crossing (overall)

Ned Denison

Edith van Dijk

Lyndon Dunsbee: Record crossing (man)

Gertrude Ederle: 1st woman, 1st (woman) – F>E, Record crossing (overall), see note 3 below

Nasser Elshazly: Record crossing (overall)

Jon Erikson: 1st 3 way (overall), Record crossing (man), Record 2 way (overall), Record 2 way (man)

Ted Erikson: Record 2 way (overall)

Brenda Fisher, BEM: Record crossing F>E (woman)

Commander Gerald Forsberg, OBE, Master Mariner, FNI, Royal Navy (Retired): Record E>F (overall)

Elizabeth Fry

Pat Gallant-Charette

Rosemary George

Mercedes Gleitze

Elaine Gray: Record crossing (woman)

Christopher Green

Trent Grimsey: Record crossing (overall)

Ros Hardiman

Ashby “Brud” Harper

Suzanne Heim-Bowen

Ishak Helmy

Tom Hetzel, PhD

Colin Hill

Yvetta Hlaváčová Record crossing (woman)

Chad Hundeby: Record crossing (overall)

Carole Hunt

Sarah Hunt

Helge Jensen: Record crossing (overall)

Zhang Jian

Peter Jurzynski

Ted Keenan

Dr. Vicki Keith, CM

John Kinsella

Yuri Kudinov

Irene van der Laan: Record 2 way (overall)

Annemie Landmeters

Stéphane Lecat

Jaime Lomelín Gavaldón

Sunny Lowry, MBE

Dr. Marcy MacDonald, DPM:  fist England to Belgium

Michelle Macy

Alawi Mohammed Makki Al-Ibrahim

Attila Mányoki

Susie Maroney, OAM: Record 2 way (woman)

Daniel Eulogio Carpio “Carpayo” Massioti

Chloë McCardel: see note 4 below

Linda McGill, MBE, OAM Record crossing (woman)

Georges Michel: Record F>E (overall)

Sally Anne Minty-Gravett, MBE

Dr. Osama Ahmed Momtaz:  Record 2 way (man)

Jaimie Monahan

Rohan Dattatrey More

David Morgan

Lynton Mortensen

Kevin Murphy: see note 5 below

Forrest Nelson

Marc Newman: see note 6 below

Cynthia Nicholas, CM: 1st 2 way (woman), Record F>E (woman), Record 2 way (overall) three times

Anna-Carin Nordin

Gustavo Oriozabala

Penny Palfrey

David Parcells

Tom Park

Courtney Moates Paulk

Baptista Pereira

James Pittar

Claudio Plit

Lewis Pugh, OIG: see note 7 below

Michael P. Read, MBE: see note 8 below

Stephen Redmond

Hassan Abdel Rehim: Record crossing (overall), see note 9 below

Des Renford, MBE, OAM: see note 10 below

Julie Ridge

Veljko Rogošić

Philip Rush Record crossing (man), Record F>E (overall), Record 2 way (overall) twice, Record 3 way (overall)

Jan van Scheijndel

Mihir Sen

Mervyn Sharp

Taranath Narayan Shenoy

Dan Simonelli

Carol Sing

Joe Smith

Igor de Souza

Tomi Stefanovski

Dr. Chris Stockdale, MBE

Petar Stoychev: Record crossing (overall)

Alison Streeter, MBE: 1st 3 way (woman), Record F>E (woman), Record 2 way F>E>F (woman), see note 11 below

Martin Strel

Henry Sullivan

Stella Taylor

Shelley Taylor-Smith

Bert Thomas

Sarah Thomas: 1st 4 way (overall)

Enrico Tiraboschi: 1st F>E (man), Record crossing (overall)

Nora Toledano Cadena

Montserrat Tresserras

Norman Trusty

Hugh Tucker

Jacques Tuset

Ernst Vierkoetter: Record crossing (overall), see note 12 below

Christof Wandratsch Record crossing (man)

Barry Watson: Record crossing (overall)

Captain Matthew Webb: 1st (overall) – E>F

Monique Wildschut

Herman Willemse

John York

Bridget Young

David Yudovin

Major Jason Zirganos

note 1: 4th swimmer with a physical disability (leg by polio) to cross

note 2: first to complete 5 crossings

note 3: 1st swimmer with a physical disability (deaf) to cross

note 4: Queen of the Channel with  43 crossings (most male or female)

note 5: King of the English Channel with 34 crossings (most male)

note 6: one of his crossings started from Dungeness

note 7: he also swam the length of the English Channel (530km over 49 days)

note 8: Channel Swimming Association's King of the Channel® with 33 crossings and first to complete 20 and 30 crossings

note 9: first to complete 3 and 4 crossings

note 10: first to complete 10 crossings

note 11: first to complete 40 crossings

note  12: 2nd swimmer with a physical disability (blind in 1 eye) to cross

The list above agrees with the public list available at

The list above covers the “normal” English Channel crossings of 33 km.  In earlier years this was starting from a location on the French coast and landing anywhere in England or starting in the Dover/Folkestone area and landing anywhere in France. At least two swimmers pioneered different courses.

Honoree Marc Newman in 2016 started at Dungeness with the goal to land anywhere in France.  The shortest straight-line difference is 41.8 km and he completed in 16 hours and 9 minutes.

Honoree Dr. Marcy MacDonald, PDM in 2022 started in Ramsgate with the goal to land in Belgium.   The shortest straight-line difference is 82.6 km and she completed in 38 hours and 20 minutes (from 26 to 30 hours covering about 25 meters against the tide).

Honorees who helped greatly with the creation of the organization, administration, reporting, coaching or piloting of these swims are listed below.  The list of all helpers is extensive but Honorees who completed the swims and non-Honorees are not listed.   
Ray Brickell; Reg Brickell Jr.; Reg Brickell Sr.Sir William "Billy" Butlin; Captain Leonard Hutchinson; Michael Oram; Francis "Frank" Richards; Audrey Scott; Ray Scott; Freda Streeter, MBE; Duncan Taylor; Thomas H. Watch; David Whyte; and Jabez Wolffe.

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