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English Channel

Completion of the swim between England and France, non-wetsuit and not listing multiple times or different directions. 1st swims are listed plus those which broke a speed record for a specified swim. The codes help understand directions: “crossing" means either direction; E>F means England to France; records also look at 2-4 way segments and “overall” means the fastest of all men and women (women did hold overall speed records) - see xls

Antonio Abertondo: 1st 2 way (overall)

Abdellatief Abou Heif: Record E>F (overall)

Nick Adams

Jacques Amyot

Greta Andersen: Record crossing (woman), Record E>F (woman)

Antonio Argüelles Díaz-González

Paul Asmuth: Record crossing (man)

Ersin Aydin

David Barra

Marilyn Bell

Cameron Bellamy

Tina Bischoff: Record crossing (overall)

Colleen Blair, MBE

Dr. Caroline Block

Tom Blower: Record E>F (overall)

Dr. Julie Bradshaw, MBE

Tamara Bruce

Tom Burgess

Karen Burton

Alfredo Camarero

Florence Chadwick: 1st (woman) – E>F, Record crossing (woman),Record E>F (woman) three times


Kimberley Chambers

David Stevens Clark

Anne Cleveland

Marcia Cleveland

Robert Cossette:  see note 1 below

Dr. James “Doc” Counsilman

Baron Abílio Couto: Record E>F (overall)

Lynne Cox: Record crossing (woman) twice, Record E>F (overall) twice

Julian Critchlow

Brojen Das: Record F>E (overall), see note 2 below

Penny Lee Dean: Record crossing (overall)

Ned Denison

Edith van Dijk

Lyndon Dunsbee: Record crossing (man)

Gertrude Ederle: 1st woman, 1st (woman) – F>E, Record crossing (overall), see note 3 below

Nasser Elshazly: Record crossing (overall)

Jon Erikson: 1st 3 way (overall), Record crossing (man), Record 2 way (overall), Record 2 way (man)

Ted Erikson: Record 2 way (overall)

Brenda Fisher, BEM: Record crossing F>E (woman)

Commander Gerald Forsberg, OBE, Master Mariner, FNI, Royal Navy (Retired): Record E>F (overall)

Elizabeth Fry

Pat Gallant-Charette

Rosemary George

Mercedes Gleitze

Elaine Gray: Record crossing (woman)

Christopher Green

Trent Grimsey: Record crossing (overall)

Ashby “Bud” Harper

Ishak Helmy

Tom Hetzel, PhD

Colin Hill

Yvetta Hlaváčová Record crossing (woman)

Chad Hundeby: Record crossing (overall)

Carole Hunt

Sarah Hunt

Helge Jensen: Record crossing (overall)

Zhang Jian

Peter Jurzynski

Ted Keenan

Dr. Vicki Keith, CM

John Kinsella

Yuri Kudinov

Irene van der Laan: Record 2 way (overall)

Annemie Landmeters

Stéphane Lecat

Jaime Lomelín Gavaldón

Sunny Lowry, MBE

Dr. Marcy MacDonald, DPM:  fist England to Belgium

Michelle Macy

Alawi Mohammed Makki Al-Ibrahim

Attila Mányoki

Susie Maroney, OAM: Record 2 way (woman)

Daniel Eulogio Carpio “Carpayo” Massioti

Chloë McCardel: see note 4 below

Linda McGill, MBE Record crossing (woman)

Georges Michel: Record F>E (overall)

Sally Anne Minty-Gravett, MBE

Dr. Osama Ahmed Momtaz:  Record 2 way (man)

Jaimie Monahan

Rohan Dattatrey More

David Morgan

Kevin Murphy: see note 5 below

Forrest Nelson

Marc Newman: see note 6 below

Cynthia Nicholas, CM: 1st 2 way (woman), Record F>E (woman), Record 2 way (overall) three times

Anna-Carin Nordin

Gustavo Oriozabala

Penny Palfrey

David Parcells

Tom Park

Baptista Pereira

James Pittar

Claudio Plit

Lewis Pugh, OIG: see note 7 below

Michael P. Read, MBE: see note 8 below

Stephen Redmond

Hassan Abdel Rehim: Record crossing (overall), see note 9 below

Des Renford, MBE: see note 10 below

Julie Ridge

Veljko Rogošić

Philip Rush Record crossing (man), Record F>E (overall), Record 2 way (overall) twice, Record 3 way (overall)

Jan van Scheijndel

Mihir Sen

Mervyn Sharp

Taranath Narayan Shenoy

Carol Sing

Joe Smith

Igor de Souza

Tomi Stefanovski

Dr. Chris Stockdale, MBE

Petar Stoychev: Record crossing (overall)

Alison Streeter, MBE: 1st 3 way (woman), Record F>E (woman), Record 2 way F>E>F (woman), see note 11 below

Martin Strel

Henry Sullivan

Stella Taylor

Shelley Taylor-Smith

Bert Thomas

Sarah Thomas: 1st 4 way (overall)

Enrico Tiraboschi: 1st F>E (man), Record crossing (overall)

Nora Toledano Cadena

Montserrat Tresserras

Norman Trusty

Hugh Tucker

Jacques Tuset

Ernst Vierkoetter: Record crossing (overall), see note 12 below

Christof Wandratsch Record crossing (man)

Barry Watson: Record crossing (overall)

Captain Matthew Webb: 1st (overall) – E>F

Monique Wildschut

Herman Willemse

John York

Bridget Young

David Yudovin

Major Jason Zirganos

note 1: 4th swimmer with a physical disability (leg by polio) to cross

note 2: first to complete 5 crossings

note 3: 1st swimmer with a physical disability (deaf) to cross

note 4: Queen of the Channel with  43 crossings (most male or female)

note 5: King of the English Channel with 34 crossings (most male)

note 6: one of his crossings started from Dungeness

note 7: he also swam the length of the English Channel (530km over 49 days)

note 8: Channel Swimming Association's King of the Channel® with 33 crossings and first to complete 20 and 30 crossings

note 9: first to complete 3 and 4 crossings

note 10: first to complete 10 crossings

note 11: first to complete 40 crossings

note  12: 2nd swimmer with a physical disability (blind in 1 eye) to cross

The list above agrees with the public list available at

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