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Class of 2024 
Ceremony in Cancun México 18 May 2024 (details here)
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Award Winners:
Penny Lee Dean, EdE - ISHOF Poseidon Award
Massimo Giuliani - ISHOF Irving Davids/Captain Roger W. Wheeler Memorial Award

Melissa Cunningham Roberts - The Dale Petranech Award for Services to IMSHOF

Leonie Beck, Honor Swimmer, Germany, 2024
Ros Hardiman, Honor Swimmer, Great Britain, 2024
Allan do Carmo, Honor Swimmer, Brazil, 2024
Sam Greetham, Honor Administrator, Great Britain, 2024
Catherine Vogt Kase, Honor Coach, United States of America, 2024
Lynton Mortensen, Honor Swimmer, Australia, 2024
Pauline Jackson, Honor Administrator, United States of America, 2024
Dr. Evgenij Pop Acev, Honor Swimmer, Macedonia

Courtney Moates Paulk, Honor Swimmer, USA
Arianna Bridi, Honor Swimmer, Italy
Suzanne Heim-Bowen, Honor Swimmer, USA
Dan Simonelli, Honor Coach, USA
Simone Ruffini, Honor Swimmer, Italy

All of the Class of 2024 Inductees and Award winners have been announced above.
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