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About Nominations

Anyone can submit a nomination for an Individual or Organization.
seagoddess - good picture.jpg

Sea Goddess is the official trophy for the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame.  This 2 meter high sculpture is housed in the ISHOF museum in Florida. It evokes the sea’s qualities of movement, rhythm and temperament in a timeless portrait of a woman. One side is stormy and tumultuous, the other, pacific and serene - overall mystery and beauty.


All Honor Swimmer, Administrators, Coaches, Organizations and Pilots are named on the plaques.


Honorees can purchase a smaller version of the trophy for home display.

One of the IMSHOF's future projects is to increase the size of the base and replace all the plaques to reflect all agreed Honoree spellings.  More than 50% of the required funding has been secured to date through donations.

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