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Oceans Seven

Completion of the English, Catalina, North and Kaiwi Channels plus Gibraltar, Tsugaru and Cook Straits, non-wetsuit and not listing multiple times or different directions.  Note:  Name, Category, Country and Induction Year

Antonio Argüelles Díaz-González, Honor Swimmer, México, 2015

Cameron Bellamy, Honor Swimmer, South Africa, 2020

Kimberley Chambers, Honor Swimmer, New Zealand, 2019

Elizabeth Fry, Honor Swimmer, United States of America, 2014

Michelle Macy, Honor Swimmer, United States of America, 2019

Attila Mányoki, Honor Swimmer, Hungary, 2016

Rohan Dattatrey More, Honor Swimmer, India, 2018

Lynton Mortensen, Honor Swimmer, Australia, 2024

Anna-Carin Nordin, Honor Swimmer, Sweden, 2018

Stephen Redmond, Honor Swimmer, Ireland, 2017

Nora Toledano Cadena, Honor Swimmer, México, 2006

Honorees who helped greatly with the creation of the organization, administration, or reporting:  Steven Muñatones and Evan Morrison.

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