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The International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF) is the parent organization to IMSHOF covering all aquatics and other Honorees include Mark Spitz, and Klaus Diabsi (diver). 

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Abdellatief Abou Heif, EGY, 1998

Greta Andersen, DNK, 1969

Paul Asmuth, USA, 2010

Marilyn Bell, CAN, 2020

Sandra Bucha, USA, 2014

Cavill Family, AUS, 1970

Florence Chadwick, USA, 1970

Dr. James “Doc” Counsilman, USA, 1976

Lynne Cox, USA, 2000

William Forrest "Buck" Dawson, USA, 1986

Penny Lee Dean, USA, 1996

Bob Duenkel, USA, 2020

Gertrude Ederle, USA, 1965

Jon Erikson, USA, 2014

Commander Gerald Forsberg, OBE, RN, GBR, 1998

Benjamin Franklin, USA, 1968

Mercedes Gleitze, GBR, 2014

Chad Hundeby, USA, 2012

Horacio Iglesias, ARG, 2003

Larisa Dmitriyevna Ilchenko, RUS, 2016

Annette Kellerman, AUS, 1974

John Kinsella, USA, 1986

Irene van der Laan, NLD, 2015

Cliff Lumsdon, CM, CAN, 2013

Dr. Marcy MacDonald, DPM, USA, 2019

Kevin Murphy, GBR, 2009

Keo Nakama, USA, 1975

Cynthia Nicholas, CM, CAN, 2005

Judith de Nijs, NLD, 2014

Martha Norelius, USA, 1967

Dale Petranech, USA, 2014

Claudio Plit, ARG, 2014

Walter Poenisch, USA, 2017

Michael P. Read, MBE, GBR, 2011

      *see Induction pictures below

Des Renford, MBE, AUS, 2016

Norman Ross, USA, 1967

Charles "Red" Silvia, USA, 1976

Petar Stoychev, BGR, 2018

Alison Streeter, MBE, GBR, 2006

Shelley Taylor-Smith, AUS, 2008

Don Watson, USA, 2015

Captain Matthew Webb, GBR, 1965

Maarten van der Weijden, NLD, 2017

Johnny Weissmuller, USA, 1965

Monique Wildschut, NLD, 2016

Herman Willemse, NLD, 2008

George Young, CAN, 2014

David Yudovin, USA, 2014

These IMSHOF Honorees are also Honorees in the International Masters Swimming Hall of Fame (a sister organization to the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame)


Drury Gallagher, 2006

Willy Van Rysel, 2008

Two ISHOF Honorees (who are not Honorees in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame) also were  significant individuals in the sport of marathon swimming.


Paul Boyton USA: life saver and early thinker, planner and swimmer in the English Channel swimmer in a “suit” with a sail attached to his boot.


Mary Kok NDL:  world record pool swimmer and marathon swimmer (first NDL woman across the English Channel and twice each Around Atlantic City and lac St Jean.


*ISHOF Induction:  2011 Michael P. Read, MBE

Ceremony sign

With IMSHOF Honoree Lewis Pugh, OIG

With IMSHOF Honoree Montserrat Tresserras

In attendance IMSHOF Honorees:  from left (starting 2nd) Montserrat Tresserras, Dale Petranech, Steven Muñatones, back to camera (see green IMSHOF sash) Michael P. Read, MBE and 2 to his right Drury Gallagher

ISHOF Induction sash

ISHOF Honorees


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