Executive Committee

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Ned Denison

Honor Administrator, Ireland 2012

On committee since 2014 and overall Chair since 2017.

More than 50 marathon swims (and still going) including the Triple Crown.

Beth Yudovin

On committee since 2014

Responsible for Finance and shared ISHOF liaison.

Petranech Award for services to the IMSHOF 2020 plus organizer & crew for 24 first ever marathon swims by her late husband IMSHOF Honoree David Yudovin from 1983-2014.


Melissa Cunningham

Honor Swimmer, Australia 2013

On committee since 2017 and Election Chair since 2017.

25 km World Champion

Administration roles included Chair of the Singapore Open Water Swimming Committee, meet director and FINA Technical Open Water Committee.

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Richard Broer

Honor Administrator, Netherlands 2017

On committee since 2017

Chairperson of the Technical Open Water Committee of Royal Netherlands Swimming Association

Marathon swimmer



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Previous Executive Committee Members

Dale Petranech 2014-2019

Chris Guesdon 2014-2018 ending as Chair

David Yudovin 2014-2015 Chair

Ricardo Ratto 20


At the 2018 Ceremony:  Melissa Cunningham.
Richard Broer, Beth Yudovin and Ned Denison


 2015-2017 :  Dale Petranech, Beth Yudovin, Chris Guesdon,  Christine Owens (webmaster/marketing) and Ned Denison

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