The IMSHOF has three sources of income, Benefactors, Bequeaths, and Donations which are noted as Patrons of IMSHOF.

Become a Patron

You can become a Patron of the International Marathon Hall of Fame by selecting the level that best suits you.

Silver Patron
  • Individual           $    150

  • Family                 $    300

  • Organization      $    495

Gold Patron
  • Individual           $    300

  • Family                 $    650

  • Organization      $    950


Platinum Patron
  • Individual           $   1,000

  • Family                 $  1,450

  • Organization      $  1,950

Make a Donation

The International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame welcomes donations of all amounts.


Your financial contribution will help the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame fulfill its mission to promote and celebrate the sport of marathon swimming.

The International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a tax-exempt not-for-profit educational organization (USA taxpayers can received tax credit for donations).

Charitable contributions may be made to the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame by making your check payable to “IMSHOF” and mailing it to:

1 Hall of Fame Drive
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316. USA


  1. Your donation is made through the ISHOF shopping cart.

  2. Make your selection by clicking the logo that represents the value amount.

  3. You will be directed to the shopping cart to “Add to Bag.”

  4. In support of the IMSHOF, you check the box “International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame” as your preferred Donation Recipient.

  5. You can increase the value of your donation by changing the value.

  6. If you are done shopping, then click “Go to Checkout”.

  7. Complete your payment details.

MANY THanKS to our current patrons

Platinum Patrons

Channel Swimming Association (GBR 1996)



Dale (USA 1995) & Isabel Petranech, and Beth & David (USA 1999) Yudovin.


Ned Denison (IRL 2012); Harry Huffaker (USA 2011); Christine Owens, and Michael P. Read, MBE (GBR 1978)

Gold Patrons

Cork Distance Week (IRL)


Chris & Sue Guesdon (AUS 2009 and 2019) and Steve Walker


James Anderson (USA 2014); Clive Burbage; Eilís Burns; Enrique Flores; Pat Gallant-Charette (USA 2019); Pádraig Mallon; Peter May; Darren Miller; Michael Miller; Jaimie Monahan (USA 2018); Tina Neill; Forrest Nelson (USA 2015); Marc Newman (GBR 1988); Christine Owens; Meenakshi Pahuja; Dr. Susan Ratcliffe; Fiona Southwell; Petar Stoychev (BUL 2008); Gary Toner; Jacques Tuset (FRA 2018) and Peter Van Vooren


Silver Patrons
Infinity Channel Swimming (IRL) and Irish Long Distance Swimming Association (IRL 2012)



Dr. Tim Johnson, DPS, PE (USA 2006); Dr. Jane Katz (USA 2014); Ted Keenan (IRL 1984); Stephen Redmond (IRL 2017) and Billy Wallace (IRL 1999)



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