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Strait of Gibraltar

Completion of the swim between Spain and Morocco, non-wetsuit and not listing multiple times or different directions.  Note:  Name, Category, Country and Induction Year.
The speed record progression is listed here.

Antonio Abertondo, Honor Swimmer, Argentina, 1964

Nick Adams, Honor Swimmer, Great Britain, 2013

Antonio Argüelles Díaz-González, Honor Swimmer, México, 2015

Cameron Bellamy, Honor Swimmer, South Africa, 2020

Richard Broer, Honor Administrator, Netherlands, 2017

Maria Louisa Cabañeros Sanchez de Leon, Honor Swimmer, Spain, 2008

Florence Chadwick, Honor Swimmer, United States of America, 1966

Kimberley Chambers, Honor Swimmer, New Zealand, 2019

Juan "Johnny" José Cortiñas, Honor Swimmer, Cuba, 1967

Baron Abílio Couto, Honor Swimmer, Brazil, 2001

***Lynne Cox, Honor Swimmer, United States of America, 1982

Ned Denison, Honor Administrator, Ireland, 2012

Elizabeth Fry, Honor Swimmer, United States of America, 2014

Pat Gallant-Charette, Honor Swimmer, United States of America, 2019

***Christopher Green, Honor Swimmer, Great Britain, 2012

Mercedes Gleitze, Honor Swimmer, Great Britain, 1969

Colin Hill, Honor Administrator, Great Britain, 2017

Jaime Lomelín Gavaldón, Honor Swimmer, México, 2023

Michelle Macy, Honor Swimmer, United States of America, 2019

Attila Mányoki, Honor Swimmer, Hungary, 2016

Daniel Eulogio Carpio “Carpayo” Massioti, Honor Swimmer, Peru, 2005

Sally Anne Minty-Gravett, MBE, Honor Swimmer, Great Britain, 2005

Jaimie Monahan, Honor Swimmer, United States of America, 2018

Rohan Dattatrey More, Honor Swimmer, India, 2018

Lynton Mortensen, Honor Swimmer, Australia, 2024

Kevin Murphy, Honor Swimmer, Great Britain, 1971

Anna-Carin Nordin, Honor Swimmer, Sweden, 2018

Gustavo Oriozabala, Honor Swimmer, Argentina, 2001

Penny Palfrey, Honor Swimmer, Australia, 2009

Baptista Pereira, Honor Swimmer, Portugal, 1971

James Pittar, Honor Swimmer, Australia, 2009

Stephen Redmond, Honor Swimmer, Ireland, 2017

Mihir Sen, Honor Swimmer, India, 1966

Taranath Narayan Shenoy, Honor Swimmer, India, 1987

Carol Sing, Honor Swimmer, United States of America, 2000

Dr. David Smith, Honor Swimmer, United States of America, 1969

Nora Toledano Cadena, Honor Swimmer, México, 2006

Montserrat Tresserras, Honor Swimmer, Spain, 1970

Jacques Tuset, Honor Swimmer, France, 2018

Christof Wandratsch, Honor Swimmer, Germany, 2004

***David Yudovin, Honor Swimmer, United States of America, 1999

***This swim does not appear on the website list of successes for IMSHOF Honor Organization Gibraltar Strait Swimming Association (  IMSHOF have not been able to supply sufficient swim details to ACNEG to have them recognize these swims.   These swims were completed long before ACNEG was formed.  They were well within the capability of these Honor swimmers, never questioned by the sport and are therefore included above.

The list above covers the “normal” Strait of Gibraltar crossings of 14.4 km. 

At least three Honorees pioneered a different, much longer course from Morocco to the area of Gibraltar: Christopher Green (in the shark cage), Lynne Cox (first without cage) and then David Yudovin.

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