Nomination Procedure

  1. Complete a candidate nomination form.

  2. The nominee’s biography should include the candidate’s marathon swimming/contribution history and clearly outline why the candidate should be inducted into the IMSHOF or receive an ISHOF Award.

  3. Get the official nomination forms (see the next tab "Forms"download and save under a different name on your PC) or by emailing and

Deadlines, Selection, and Announcement
  1. Nominations close Thursday 8 pm (the USA - New York time) 1st October/noon (Australia - Melbourne time) 2nd October 2020 - please note that all nominations require an IMSHOF review so a draft should be submitted by 1 August

  2. Nominations received after that date will go into the following year’s ballot.

  3. Ballot sent to IMSHOF Selectors:   9th/10th October 2020.

  4. Voting closes noon New York time on 19th/ noon Sydney time on 20th October 2020.

  5. Announcements will be made in November through press releases and via the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Facebook page and documented on IMSHOF.ORG and the end of year Newsletter.


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